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Montgomery County - Selling a Business

The ability to make tough decisions is an important quality every business owner should have. When it comes to making tough decisions about their own businesses, however, even the best business owners may struggle. The closing of shops, buying of businesses, merging of businesses and creation of new businesses are all normal processes in our economy. If you're considering selling your Montgomery County business but don't know what the next step should be, you need to find a qualified, trustworthy business broker.

At the Plymouth Financial Group we have been assisting our clients sell businesses in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas for years. We have earned our reputation as one of the best business brokers in the area because our clients know that they can trust us to keep their best intentions at the top of our list. What sets us apart from other brokers claiming to sell your business is:

We don't ask for any fees upfront. If you want to sell your Montgomery County business, we won't ask for a dime until we have facilitated a successful sale. Other brokerage firms ask from anywhere between $4,000 and $25,000 for each listing. Our brokers utilize a four-step marketing campaign to sell your business that has been tested and proven to find the highest number of qualified buyers without compromising confidentiality. We will only accept your listing if we are sure we can sell your business. Montgomery County brokers who aren't as reliable as Plymouth Financial will accept every listing they come across, knowing they will only actually sell a small percentage. At Plymouth Financial Group we will never waste your time.

The reasons that drive individuals to sell their businesses are many: some are ready to retire, others want to change industries, while even more are closing because they did not succeed. If you take a look at our Montgomery County businesses for sale on our listings page you'll be able to see there are many different kinds of businesses on the market:

When you are ready to sell your business give our Montgomery County business brokers a call. We'll answer your questions and explain our process so that you know exactly what to expect. Our team will work with any members of your own team (attorney, CPA, financial advisors, etc.) to ensure that the sale of your business is successful. If you’re serious about selling your Montgomery County business then you're ready to contact Plymouth Financial Group. Helping Montgomery County sell businesses for years. Call (610) 828-2480 today to speak with one of our Montgomery County business brokers.

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