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Fund Raising
Commercial Real Estate


At Plymouth, we know the importance of proper loan packaging and have the knowledge and experience to get deals funded.

The Plymouth the difference is a combination of experience and lender relationships. With Plymouth, not only does the borrower have access to all of the top lenders, but also a team with extensive business brokerage and finance experience. This gives a borrower the highest possible chance of being funded. Corporate finance is only one of the many services that set us apart from other business brokerage offices.

Funding Raising:

At Plymouth, we have helped several early stage medical and technology companies raise needed working capital. We work with a network of both institutional and high net worth individual investors.

Recent fund raising engagements.

Rex Medical - Medical Device Manufacturer
Vascular Access Centers - Remote Medical Centers
Finpango - Medical Payment Systems

Dr. Jim McGuicken "I had thought we turned over every rock, but three weeks after engaging Plymouth we had an offer from a large fund."

Commercial Real Estate:

Nearly every business sale has a lease or real estate component that must be considered in the transaction. If a business seller also owns the property, it can either be sold with the business or leased to the new buyer. It is vitally important to understand how the sale, or lease, of real estate affects the value of the business and the financing alternatives that are available when property is included as part of a business sale. Our associates, licensed in commercial real estate, have extensive experience in all aspects of real estate transactions whether in relation to a business sale, or not. Our services include:

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